Video Remote Interpreting

Interpreters at the touch of a button.

VRI For Any Device

No special equipment is needed! Just use your phone, tablet, or computer with a webcam to use our video remote interpretation services.

We also offer equipment tailored to your organizations specific needs if you do not already have your own!

On Demand

On demand for hundreds of languages and American Sign Language.

High Quality

1080P High resolution video at over 30 frames per second.

Mobile Phones

Desktop Computers


Low Rates

Enjoy low rates on our VRI services. Call today to receive a free quote.

Simple Setup

Setup only takes a few minutes and uses the equipment you already have.


Tablet Carts

We can create custom tablet mounts for any situation. 


Protect patient and client privacy with our dual headset tablet carts.

HIPAA Compliant

Our VRI service meets all the requirements for HIPAA compliance.


Give your clients or patients peace of mind when it matters most.


Non-verbal communication needs interpretation too. Make sure the right message comes across with video remote interpreting. Mobile Device Management, offered by Liberty ensures that your equipment is being used effectively and is in working order. Theft protection and more offered by our Video Remote Interpretation Services!

Free VRI Demonstrations

See the simplicity of our VRI system for yourself. Call 888-746-9108 or email us to schedule your demonstration. 

Additional Information

Video Remote & Telehealth/Telemedicine Interpretation

Quickly connect to a skilled interpreter to communicate when a language barrier is present. All interpreters on our Interpreter Manager application have industry-specific training, as well as language proficiency testing.

• Industrial-grade Mobile Tablet Carts for medical, legal, schools, community, American Sign Language, and much more.

• Use our equipment or use your own!

• Comply with language access laws and regulations.

Video Remote Interpreting Benefits

• Mobile Device Management (MDM) security on all devices.

• Training qualifications met by all interpreters for their specific industry.

• Hours of operation: 24/7/365, including holidays.

• Services offered all across the USA, with interpreters from the USA.

• Minimize the spread of disease, keep yourself and your clients safe.

• On-demand, and scheduled appointments capability (Interpreter Manager).

• Telemedicine and video conference support on virtually any platform used.

Why Choose Liberty for VRI?

• Inexpensive, no minimums

• 365, 24/7 support including holidays

• Guaranteed qualified interpreters

• Vast list of available languages; over 250+ available

• Implementation support, including “I-Speak” cards and more

• Free VRI training for your staff

• Versatile equipment & setup programs

• Waiting rooms for patients or clients

• HIPAA, ADA, & ACA compliance

• Cancel anytime

• Money back guarantee if not satisfied

• Easy and immediate setup


Interpreter Pro 2.1

Size Dimensions: 

• 55.4”H x 17.7”W x 17.9”D

(140.7 x 44.9 x 45.5cm) 

• Base: 17.7”W x 17.9”D 

• Work Surface 

• Supply Caddy 

• 180-degree swivel with arm handle 

• Power Box 

• JBL Speaker

iPad Pro, JBL Speaker, Supply Caddy, and Work Surface

Size Dimensions

• 55.4”H x 17.7”W x 17.9”D

(140.7 x 44.9 x 45.5cm)

• Base: 17.7”W x 17.9”D

• 180-degree swivel with arm handle

• Power box

• JBL Speaker

• iPad 5th Gen (or Newer)

• Add-on Features Available

Interpreter Lite 2.0

iPad 5th Gen (or newer), JBL Speaker, and Screen Protector

Interpreter Mobile

Size Dimensions

• 10.5”L x 10.5”W x .75”D  

(26.7 x 26.7 x 1.9 cm)

• Flexible, Easy Grip Handle

• Industrial Shockproof Case

• Water Resistant  

• Built-in Stand

iPad 5th Gen (or newer), Protective Shockproof Case, and Screen Protector

Optional Features

• Larger screen size available

• Headsets and ear covers​

• Custom built cart 

• Mobile network enabled iPad

• Flexible payment options 

• Free shipping


Interpreter Pro

Interpreter Lite

Interpreter Mobile

Theft Protection

Product Replacement

Cart Stand

Supply Caddy 

Work Station

iPad 9.7” Screen

iPad 12.9” Screen

Interpreter Manager*



*App to schedule interpreters and gives access to 250+ languages

**Mobile Device Management System 24/7 monitoring and controls.


A pricing structure will be drawn up to match your specific needs. No monthly minimums on usage. Please contact us for a full pricing schedule. Every client is different. From the equipment needs to the most requested languages required on your quick dial. We customize our solution to meet your needs, and train your staff how to use it!

About Liberty Language Services

We are affiliated with the following organizations: 

• American Translators Association (ATA) 

• Cross-Cultural Communications (CCC) 

• Cross Cultural Health Care Program (CCHCP) licensed

  Bridging the Gap level II course provider

• Certification Commision for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) 

• International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA)

Additional Optional Features are Available

• Larger screen size available • Headsets and ear covers • Custom built cart • Mobile network-enabled iPad • Flexible payment options • Free shipping

Telehealth, Telemedicine, Teleconference Interpretation

Supported Platforms for Video Conference Interpretation Services

The platforms listed below are used for video conferencing. We are listing the platforms Liberty Language Services is able to integrate with. Since the Covid-19 outbreak video conferencing has become more important in industries across the world. We still need to be able to communicate when traditional methods are not available. Get your organization signed up with Liberty Language Services' Video Conference Interpretation Services today, and together we will overcome any language barrier. 

For more information on video conferencing software, we suggest doing more research if your firm does not already have one in place. Some of the images and information presented below came from Trust Radius! Click here for more information!

zoom web conference interpretation
webex meetings and trainings interpretation
skype for business interpretation
gotomeeting interpretation
Microsoftteams Interpretation
googlemeet interpretation
Cisco Webex DX80 Interpretation Interpretation
vidyo interpretation
Amazon Chime.jpg
ringcentral interpretation
whereby interpretation
Readytalk interpretation
Blue jeans interpretation
connect wise interpretation
lifesize interpretation
fuze interpretation
adobeconnect interpretation
uberconference interpretation
Globalmeet interpretation
blackboard interpretation
highfive interpretation
clickmeeting interpretation
intermedia interpretation
blizz interpretation
Mitel interpretation
freeconferencecall interpretation
Maestro conference interpretation
Mikogo interpretation
Webinato interpretation
freeconference interpretation
Onstreem meetings interpretation
Lookup meeting interpretation
Biba Interpretation
zohomeetings interpretation
beamyourscreen interpretation
workcast interpretation
Trubomeeting interpretation rhub
Mediaplatform Interpretation
Drum Web Meeting.webp
Ameyo Interpretation
CenturyLink interpretation
oracle beehive interpretation
Livewebinar interpretation
Proficonf interpretation
Intrado Studio interpretation
TrueConf interpretation
Samesurf interpretation
Openvoice interpretation
OfficeSuiteUC Interpretation
Glance Interpretation
showmypc interpretation
VeetingRooms Interpretation
GRPtalk Interpretation
VisiMeet Interpretation
FastViewer Interpretation
Verishow Interpretation
Telebu Join Interpetation
EzTalks interpretation
At&T Connect Interpretation
Crankwheel interpretation
Cyberlink U interpretation
speekeasy interpretation

If you don't see your video conferencing platform here contact us and we will design, build, and implement an integration into your current system. We are constantly adding capability and never turn away from expanding our capabilities.