Tuition Assistance Program

(Interpreter Training)


Liberty Language Services' Tuition Assistance Program aims to help more bilinguals become trained as professional medical interpreters so they can be a bridge of communication for limited English proficient patients and their providers. ​

If you are applying to work as a Liberty medical interpreter and still need your 40-hour medical interpreter training, we offer two options for financial tuition assistance: The Practicum and The Tuition Grant.




Eligibility Requirements


In order to be eligible for any financial tuition assistance from Liberty, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Has submitted an online application and is committed to work as a freelance on-site medical interpreter for Liberty Language Services

  • Lives within Fairfax County (VA), Prince William County (VA), Arlington County (VA), City of Alexandria (VA), Washington DC, or Montgomery County (MD), and can easily commute to assignments in these areas 

  • Has a flexible schedule (Monday-Friday between 7am-7pm) to accept interpreting assignments

NOTE: Applicants with full-time jobs or other major scheduling conflicts will NOT be eligible for the Practicum or the Tuition Grant. 

Practicum Agreement

For High Volume Languages

(Amharic, Farsi, French, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Vietnamese)

Applicants that sign the Practicum Agreement will have the opportunity to pay for their medical interpreter training of choice through their work hours:

16 Hours of Service Due for The Professional Medical Interpreter

20 Hours of Service Due for Bridging the Gap

Tuition Grant Agreement


For Urgently Needed Languages

(Please contact to see if your language is eligible)

Applicants that sign the Tuition Grant Agreement will have their medical interpreter training enrollment fee covered by Liberty Language Services.


Applicants will only be responsible for the cost of their course textbooks. 

Recipients of the tuition grant are required to work a minimum of 5 hours of interpreting assignments per month for 3 consecutive months to complete the agreement.

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