Language Access for Government

We know the importance of effective communication across multiple languages in the government sector. That’s why at Liberty Language Services, our translators and interpreters are well-versed in multiple languages as well as the specific mandated requirements and terminology of your specific facility or operation. We proudly serve various sectors of the United States government, as well as businesses, organizations, and non-profits that work closely with or within the government sector.


Our Certified Government Interpreters Serve:

  • United States Embassies

  • Federal Executive Departments and Agencies

  • U.S. Public Safety, Housing, Health, and other Public Sector facilities

  • Immigration Courts

  • Police Departments

  • Criminal Court

  • Probation and Parole

  • Public Schools

  • Disability Determination

  • Social Services

  • Public Health

  • and much more....

Our Government Interpretation

Solutions Include:

  • Remote telephonic interpretation

  • Remote video interpretation

  • Government ASL

  • Interpretation on-site at your facility, and

  • Translation of written documents.


Why Liberty Language Services for Government Interpretation?


Government Compliance

Our translators and interpreters are well-versed in multiple languages and expertly communicate precise industry specific-terms. In addition to the rigorous training necessary for all interpreters, our experts at Liberty Language Services have undergone strict background checks in order to serve any organization, department, or government sector. 


Translation Expertise

With intense language training and expert knowledge, translators and interpreters at Liberty Language Service are well-equipped to help you communicate with the public as well as with other government officials. We make technical policies and government language accessible to the public and precise when communicating with other officials. We can also translate government websites, such as USAID programs.


How to Get Started

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Or you can call us at 888-746-9108 Ext. 1

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