Want to help your neighbors, design your own schedule, and make money?


As an interpreter for Liberty Language Services you'll be helping others while helping yourself.

 Position Description​​

  • Position will consist of interpreting for healthcare patients with limited English proficiency. As a medical interpreter you will facilitate doctor-patient communication at hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare-related facilities.

  • Transportation is required and may be compensated for.

  • This is an independent contractor position.

  • There are no set hours; you choose when to work. All interpreting assignments coincide with appointments made by patients at healthcare facilities and therefore vary in duration and the amount of notice given. 

  • Assignment length and content will change. Examples of session content include: physical therapy and rehabilitation, surgery, diagnostics, examinations, and mental health appointments. 

Minimum Requirements

  • Knowledge of, exposure to, and comfort with working in a medical setting.

  • Willingness to complete the 40-hour medical interpreter training that we provide.

  • Willingness to  pass or show acceptable results for language proficiency tests.

Important Details

  • You may apply if you have not already completed a 40-hour medical interpreter course. Liberty will provide training if needed. We also accept interpreters who have completed an equivalent 40-hour training course with another reputable agency. 

  • Visit our Training page to learn more about the training programs that we offer.

  • If you cannot provide us with language proficiency test results in both English and your target language(s), you will be asked to complete Liberty's language proficiency tests.

Please Note

  • Working as an independently contracted freelance interpreter is much different than working as a typical part-time or full-time employee; this position is much more flexible because it does not adhere to regularly scheduled weekly hours. Additionally, this work provides an ideal supplementary income for professionals who understand that flexibility allows them to work as much and as often as they would like. Depending on the demand for certain languages, our freelance interpreters can seize the opportunity to turn this position into a lucrative and full-time career.

Liberty Language Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer


Liberty supports employment for all peoples, regardless of race, color, age, gender, status, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, parental status, veteran status, disability, or any other demographic protected under federal and state law. Liberty Language Services does not tolerate discrimination of any kind, and is committed to building a safe and respectful environment for its employees.






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