Washington State Services

Liberty Language Services provides interpreter services, translation services, and training in various industries across the country. These language solutions are crucial for those living in Washington State, where 19.3% of the population speaks a language other than English. Top languages here include Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Russian.


Liberty Language Services can help Washington State facilities like hospitals, schools, government agencies, and organizations remain accessible and compliant.

Interpretation Services


We offer in-person and remote interpretation for Washington State, remaining committed to expertise and competitive pricing. Some of the industries we serve include the following:


Medical and Healthcare – Our medical interpreters hold CMI, CHI, and other relevant certifications to provide technically accurate and compassionate interpretation at medical facilities, hospitals, outpatient clinics, specialty centers, and private practices in the Washington State area.


Legal – Navigate the legal system with our Washington interpreters. We are available in-person for trials and depositions, and remotely for interviews and attorney-client meetings. Languages include Native-American dialects and ASL.


Tourism Businesses and Organizations – A state well-known for its scenic backdrops, charming bed-and-breakfasts, art scene, and thriving tech industry, Washington is a tourist attraction. We can work with tourist-oriented businesses, including travel companies, car rentals, hospitality businesses, and more to ensure proper communication.

Translation Services

 Work with our translators to get documents translated in any industry, complete with a certificate of accuracy. Our team speaks over 70 languages. Some of the documents we cover include the following:

  • Medical reports

  • Medical tests

  • Patient information pamphlets

  • Court documents

  • Travel brochures

  • Hotel leaflets

  • Educational standards

Interpreter Training

Do you want to be an interpreter in Washington state? Begin with Liberty Language Services, one of the few interpretation companies that offers online training. Our lead instructors have professional certification and industry experience. In Washington State, we also have in-person classes. Liberty Language Services is a Level II licensed provider of Bridging the Gap, a course for interpreters. Find out class times and topics here.

Ready to Begin?