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What You Should Know About Liberty Language Services’ Online Interpreter Training

Updated: Mar 10

As the United States continues to grow in diversity and to work with other countries, it becomes easier to see so many people speaking different languages. Naturally, we find ways to communicate with each other to be able to efficiently work together and carry out our daily tasks with as much ease as possible. Using technology to enhance translation and interpreting services has become a necessity. But with so much happening in our lives, it’s become easier to do things online. We’ve all been there and with Liberty Language Services, you can do just that.

At Liberty Language Services, we offer several courses for online interpreter training and tools to aid others in becoming trained and qualified translators and interpreters. By providing a variety of translation resources to the next generation of interpreters and translators, we ensure quality online interpreter training in over 70 foreign languages.

What Is The Online Interpreter Training Course?

We are proud to offer the Online Interpreter Training: Medical Edition course that is entirely online! This course covers the same material as our Bridging the Gap course, but with the convenience of being online and the flexibility of moving at your own pace. All that’s required is a computer with a reliable internet connection, microphone, and speakers. The required textbook will also be mailed to you. As part of this course, students are required to attend both parts of the medical terminology webinar. Instructors are medical professionals such as doctors who will teach certain portions of the course, which promotes high-quality interpreter training.

What If I Have A Busy Schedule?

If you have a tight schedule and you’re unsure whether you can commit to in-person classes, that’s okay! With our online interpreting course, you can complete it online in 30 days at your own pace. If 30 days is not long enough for you, you can ask for an extension. Regarding the required webinars, there are weekday and weekend slots available for attending the webinar, which gives you more flexibility. Not sure about what the webinars will entail? Don’t worry, we’ve got your answer here. The webinars are live video conferences where you will see and hear the instructor give a presentation, as well as have the opportunity to interact with all participants. With the online course, it’s almost as if you were right there in the classroom.

What are the Benefits of Online Interpreter Courses?

Oh, the benefits are numerous! You can receive the same benefits and translation training as those taking the course in person. The difference is that the pacing of the course is all up to you. You can choose the environment that works best for your learning and you don’t have to worry about how much time it will take to commute to class. Taking courses online provides the opportunity for students to balance classes and work. Once you complete this course, you may call yourself a trained medical interpreter. This course also meets the 40-hour training requisite of both Certified Medical Interpreter (CMI) and Certified Healthcare Interpreter (CHI) certifications,which will help you ace those exams.

Liberty Language Services: The Right Choice For Online Interpreter Training

Liberty Language Services is a corporate member of the American Translators Association (ATA), and not only do we abide by the ATA’s code, but you can rest assured that you will have the proper online interpreter training. This will provide accurate medical interpretation and translation services and will help you obtain the preparation necessary to pass the CCHI and NBCMI Exams.

If you have any questions about our online interpreter training course, please contact us at 888-746-9108. Speak with a Liberty Language Services staff member today!

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