Liberty OPI

Over the Phone Interpretation backed by a robust infrastructure.

Powerful Infrastructure 

We understand the importance of innovation.


With years of experience providing on-site interpretation services to the mid-Atlantic region, we’ve been able to maintain a stellar reputation by meeting the diverse needs our customers, which include some of the industry’s most demanding.

We apply the same strict standards of credentialing to our OPI interpreters. In fact, most of our OPI interpreters have years of on-site healthcare interpretation experience.

Careful vetting, training, testing, and complete understanding of our customers’ needs renders Liberty interpreters among the best in the industry.  

Trained Interpreters


An interpretation service is only as good as it's interpreters.


Liberty interpreters are required to complete the following:

  • 40-hour Interpreter Training Certificate Course covering: interpreter fundamentals, ethics, methods and medical terminology, with skills assessment and final exam.

  • Language proficiency testing.

  • Medical interpreter screening & background checking.

  • Liberty Basics Training covering: company and client-specific procedures.

  • Interpreter Handbook and Handbook Test covering: HIPAA, OSHA, blood-borne pathogens, aseptic technique, and privacy.

Our Features

Liberty caters to a diverse client-base so we designed Liberty OPI with flexibility in mind.

Custom Invoicing

 We can format your invoice to the layout of your choice.

Custom Reporting

We provide customized granular reporting on all call metrics.

Call Recording

We provide HIPAA compliant call recording and storage.

Access Control

Keep track of who is using your OPI services, and administer permission with as many unique PINs as you would like.

Custom Call Routing

We provide custom call menus and greetings. We can also capture data from callers if required.

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