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At Liberty Language Services, we understand that the demands of legal industry interpretation are rigorous and highly technical. Our translators and interpreters specialize in a variety of languages and have a deep understanding of legal terminology. From legal counsel to client-attorney interactions and law firm business pursuits, we have your legal affairs covered.


Here’s a quick summary of what you need to know.

  • The Affordable Care Act, Section 1557 - The civil rights provision of the ACA, this section prohibits national origin discrimination that may occur if a healthcare facility does not provide translation services to those with limited English proficiency skills.

  • HIPAA - Under 45 CFR Section 164.501, an individual has the right to access their health records. That means if a document is in English, it must be translated for non-native speakers.

  • Title VI of the CRA - Any program receiving federal financial assistance must not discriminate on the basis of national origin.

  • ADA - This clearly emphasizes the need for clear communication for people with hearing disabilities. Liberty Language Services also offers American Sign Language translation.


Our Certified Legal Interpreters Cover:

  • Oral interpretation and written translation of legally binding documents

  • Courtroom interpretation

  • Client-attorney interpretation / legal counsel

  • Law firm operations and business events

  • Immigration and asylum interviews

Our Legal Interpretation Solutions Include:

  • Remote telephonic interpretation

  • Remote video interpretation

  • Legal ASL

  • On-site interpretation at your office or in the courts, and

  • Translation of written documents.


Why Liberty Language Services

for Medical Interpretation?

Legal Compliance

Our translators and interpreters at Liberty Language Services can fluently work between multiple languages with expert use of legal terminology and phrases. In addition to completing intensive training, our certified interpreters at Liberty Language Services have undergone strict background checks. We provide a Certificate of Accuracy for all of our written legal documents, notarized by a Commonwealth of Virginia notary. We can also sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to comply with your firm.

Translation Expertise

With top-level language training and expert legal knowledge, Liberty Language Service translators help legal professionals and clients communicate easily and efficiently. Our clients trust us because we always operate with precision and compassion.

Get Started

To get started with Liberty Language Services, email us at translations@libertylanguageservices.com

or call our offices at 703-910-3070.

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