Interpreter Training DMV

Industry-specific DMV interpreter training for any discipline.

Our training programs are available for students and corporate clients in the DMV area. Liberty can design a specialized training that is client specific, this is extremely helpful for clients whose industry is somewhat more obscure. 


"They not only teach you everything to prepare you for the field, but also give you the tools to succeed. They also will hire you if you meet all the job requirements. I can say that this was a career change for me after being in the legal field for 20 years."

Give others a voice with your gift of language.

"I very much enjoyed your class, and will recommend it to other colleagues. Honestly, I decided to take it because some hospitals require it, and I didn't think I would hear anything new in the class, especially because I worked for a hospital for 2 years but to my surprise the course provided me with many new tools and information that will help me improve my skills and knowledge to perform better as a medical interpreter."
- Satisfied Student

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Workshops

Continuing Education Units ( CEUs) and Workshops

Interpreting requires a complex set of skills and has many potential pitfalls. The best way to avoid interpreting pitfalls is to learn about them and prepare to take the best decision possible when

facing medical interpreting challenges.  


Continuing Education Units (CEUs), workshops, and trainings are created for professional development and for certified healthcare and medical interpreters to meet their recertification requirements. 

Professional interpreters can attain their highest possible level of competence by regularly completing workshops. 


CEUs and workshops are a must for every professional interpreter to ensure that their interpreting skills and knowledge stay up to date. Let us help you sharpen your skills and achieve all the professional development growth you deserve.

Bridging the Gap


In-Person classes for 

Medical Interpreters

40 Hours

In-Person Classes
Monday - Friday 8 A.M. to 4 P.M.
or 5 Consecutive Saturdays 8 A.M. to 4 P.M.  

Liberty Language Services is a level II licensed provider of the internationally recognized Bridging The Gap course. Bridging The Gap has been taught for over 17 years and has played an integral role in setting industry standards nationwide. Course topics include medical interpreter roles, ethics, standards of practice, systems of healthcare, cultural competency, and medical terminology. 
A numbered certificate from the Cross-Cultural Health Care Program in Seattle, WA will be given to each student who successfully completes this course. 

Bridging the Gap (BTG): A Basic Training for Medical Interpreters Course in the DMV area is a 40-hour (5-day) professional development program that trains bilingual individuals to facilitate a medical encounter in the healthcare environment. 

Online Interpreter Training

Online Course for

Medical Interpreters

Online Course

Have a busy schedule? Our comprehensive and interactive online course is for you. Featuring cutting-edge material from Cross Cultural Communications, this course includes two textbooks that cover interpreting methods, national ethics and standards, specialized skills for healthcare, education and social services fields, and medical terminology.  
Students will have 4 weeks to complete the course and the scheduled interactive webinars on their own time. A computer headset is required. This course meets the 40-hour training requisite for national certification. 

  • Entirely online course.

  • 30 days to finish the course.

  • Includes two textbooks.

Language of Justice

In-Person classes for

Legal Interpreters

In-Person Classes


Legal interpreters are always in demand in the DMV area. Courts, law firms, government agencies, and law enforcement need multilinguals who have field training. The Language of Justice, a legal interpreter training program in the DMV area, has been designed to prepare interpreters for assignments in the legal field. 

The curriculum includes an overview of the legal interpreting profession, requirements and procedures, a model code of ethics and standards of practice, linguistic mediation techniques, legal terminology and an overview of the U.S. legal system.

  • Three days of classes.

  • For community interpreters in legal settings.

  • Includes 2 textbooks.

Our Instructor

"Was very professional and helpful. I would highly recommend Mr. Abdelkader to anyone." 

"Trainer was very knowledgable and kept the class lively." 

"Mr. Sameh was one of the best instructors I have ever had. He is exceptional. Thanks for everything." 

Mr. Abdelkader is the Director of our Education Department and is the lead instructor for two medical interpreter training courses: the nationally recognized 40-hour Bridging the Gap (BTG) course and the 48-hour The Community Intepreter: Medical Edition course.  In 2012, Sameh delivered the BTG course to over 120 students.


Mr. Abdelkader has over 22 years of experience in education and has brought his skills in management, teaching, training, recruitment, and cultural competency to Liberty Language Services. 


Mr. Abdelkader holds a B.A. in English from Zagzig University in Sharkya, Egypt. In addition to being a licensed trainer for BTG and The Community Interpreter: Medical Edition, he is also a licensed trainer for the legal interpreter training course, The Language of Justice. As an educator and member of the IMIA, he adheres to the IMIA Educators Code of Ethics.

Our Instructor's Professional Certifications

  • 40-hour Interpreting in Health and Community Settings (NVAHEC)

  • 40-hour Bridging the Gap Medical Interpreter Training Course

  • The Community Interpreter Training of Trainers (TOT)

  • 3-day Language of Justice Legal Interpreter Training

  • Bridging the Gap TOT

  • The Language of Justice TOT

  • Awarded "Distinction in Interpreter Education" IMIA 2015

  • Completed a 16-Hour Online Training of Trainers: The Interpreter Trainer Online