Business Interpretation & Translation Services

Highly Qualified Interpreters and Translators in 300+ Languages

With Liberty Language Services, you can be assured that you’ll be in full compliance.

We offer expert business interpretation across all modalities. Whether you need contracts and agreements translated or a business interpreter who can help you communicate during critical negotiations, Liberty Language Services offers flexible services that integrate into your operations. We’re proud to offer enterprise-level solutions and can provide interpreters for events, including conventions, conferences, board meetings, and more.

Professional Qualified Interpreters and Translators
All Liberty language professionals are rigorously tested for language proficiency and undergo extensive training.

Interpretation for Business Meetings
Liberty interpreters are specially trained to perform simultaneous interpreting, ensuring clear and accurate interlanguage communication even during complex, dynamic interactions Business meetings include conferences, seminars, and employee meetings.

Language Solutions

Telemedicine and Telehealth


ASL Interpretation

On-site Interpretation

Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Virtual Remote Interpretation

Streamline Language Solutions Into Your Organization

30 sec.or less call connection time

30 sec.

or less call connection time

40% interpreter cost savings


cost savings

98% interpreter fulfillment rate


fulfillment rate

300+ languages served


languages served

Liberty Language Services provides language solutions at industry-leading standards. On average, our clients save 40% when switching to us. Reach out to us and find out how much you can save or how we can integrate language solutions into your operations and organization more easily.

The Liberty Guarantee


Connect with our Client Success Team 24/7. Get questions answered, issues resolved, fast. Our team members provide round-the-clock service.


Provide language access easily and smoothly. We adapt our technology to streamline language solutions into your existing processes.


Get language access that works with your financial operations. We offer customized reports and flexible billing cycles.