Areas We Serve

We proudly offer top-notch interpretation and translation services to a wide range of communities, ensuring effective communication across diverse languages and cultures. Whether you need over-the-phone assistance or in-person support, our dedicated team is here to bridge language gaps and foster understanding in every interaction. Explore the areas we serve and see how we can meet your language needs with professionalism and care.

District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia

The metropolitan D.C. area is commonly referred to as the DMV, as short for Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Offering a unique mix of different cultures, job opportunities, and history from the steps of the Capitol to the steps of the White House, millions visit DC each year to enjoy the free Smithsonian museum and National Zoo. The busy, yet calmer suburbs of Maryland and Virginia have their own historic sites, small towns, and outdoor adventures to explore.  Liberty Language Services knows that with such a diverse community how important having quality translators and interpreters are in the private and government sector. With on-site and over the phone interpretation services you can depend on us to create a bridge of communication.


New York

New York state is the fourth most populous state in the US, but is more known for having the most populous city in the US – New York City. New York is home to famous US landmarks, noteworthy architecture, and five distinct “boroughs.” New York is found in fiction stories and on the bucket list of places to visit for many around the world. Serving NYC and all of New York, Liberty Language Services understands the value and importance of having qualified interpreters to communicate with Limited English Proficiency clients. Have all your bases covered with a certified medical or legal translator.


North Carolina

Bordering four states in the southeastern region of the US, North Carolina has several things to boast. The Outer Banks attract beach goes from neighboring states, Research Triangle Park is one of the largest research parks in the US, and the city of Charlotte is the third largest banking center in the US behind NYC and San Francisco. There are also several famous universities including Duke and North Carolina State. Liberty Language Services knows that businesses, legal services, hospitals and medical facilities depend on interpretation and translation to serve all their clients effectively. With Video Remote Interpreting or telephone options available, we can be there when you need us to bridge language barriers.


Washington State

A prime spot in the Pacific Northwest, Washington State is known for its great hiking destinations, eclectic art scene, and growing tech industry. It’s home to the Seattle Space Needle, Olympus National Park, and Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. It’s also home to a diverse community with interpretation and translation needs across various industries.