Medical Language Proficiency Test

Qualify your medical-based language proficiency online.

Medical Language Proficiency Test


Online, Self-Paced Course


Convenient, fast, and effective.

Conveniently qualify your language proficiency with this online oral language proficiency test. No need to schedule a proctor.

Interpreting in Educational Settings


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30 Minute Test

$100 For one (1) English Test and one (1) Target Language Test

Prove your language proficiency with Liberty’s MLPT

The Liberty Language Services Medical Proficiency Test is one of the industry’s most convenient ways to prove your fluency. Instead of a standardized written exam, you take an oral exam to gain a professional qualification that demonstrates your working language fluency.

Take your medical-based language proficiency test online. Upon passing this online language proficiency test, you’ll receive a certificate as evidence of your language fluency. We offer proficiency tests for English, as well as over 70 other languages. Our test assesses listening comprehension as well as speaking/interpreting ability (grammar, syntax, flow).

The course comes with an English test and one target language test.

The Liberty Promise

We’re committed to your professional success. You’ll have access to our Education Department and IT support for any questions or concerns. We’re also proud to offer detailed feedback on your proficiency test. If you happen to fail, this feedback helps you grow and maximizes your chances of passing your next attempt.

Take the Liberty Medical Language Proficiency Test with confidence.

Career Opportunities

When you encounter a language barrier, you need a trusted company that can bridge that gap in communication. Liberty Language Services offers a full suite of language services. We’re proud that every single one of our interpreters are highly trained and rigorously credentialed in each specialty. They’re also fully compliant with all standards in all the major industries.

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